Chanel Perfume Bottle Handbag/Clutch Dupe

Miley Cyrus and Mira Duma have one each, Rihanna has two, now Orla has one. What am I talking about? A Perfume Bottle Shaped Chanel bag. A few months ago I first spotted these quirky handbags and instantly fell in love. So for fews I trawled through ebay trying to find an alternative to no avail. I also checked other blog but couldn’t find anyone who had one of these bags. My search ended when i stumbled across one and here below is my bag:




Although it is not the exact same as the orginal chanel bag and its a pretty damn good replica. The sides of my bag are square and the chanel lettering isn’t embossed into the bag.

Bag 2-2

Bag 2-3

Bag 2-4

It has taken me ages to post this review because i  bought the bag from, however since receiving  it the bag in fact sold out and hasn’t been stock. Its fine though iv’e found the same bag on another site and it still comes in at less then 50euro Click Here.


The bag itself is not the most practical of bags expect to fit your iphone, lipstick and atm card inside i.e the barest of essentials, but for the novelty factor alone its worth it!


What are you views on the quirky statement bag trend??

Also just a quick side note i am up for’s aussie blog awards if you would like to vote for me it takes less then a minute honestly CLICK HERE  and scroll down to readers choice and click on ‘Beyond the Fashion’. I appreciate every vote greatly thanks so much you guys.

orla x



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