Land Rover x Punchestown Festival

My very first post on this blog a few months ago was all about racing tips for the Galway Races so its safe to say I am a fan off all things racing style related.

So when I heard about this amazing racing style news I had to share it with my readers.

Land Rover is pleased to announce that it will sponsor the inaugural Land Rover Style Award on Friday 2nd May at the Punchestown Festival. Not only that the most stylish lady  on the day will receive the keys to an equally stylish Range Rover Evoque which will be hers to drive for the year.  ( I dont know about you but I wouldn’t mine driving a stylish jeep for a year, I can dream right? )

The gorgeous Amy Huberman launched the Land Rover Style Awards. Amy will present the winner with the Evoque on Friday, 2nd May, while soaking up the atmosphere at the Punchestown Festival, a highlight of the Irish sporting and social calendar.


The Land Rover Style Award takes place on day four (Friday 2nd May) of the Punchestown Irish National Hunt Festival.  For further information please visit <> .









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