Interview with Fashion Illustrator Ramona Rihs

Iv’e always loved art and fashion and the idea of culminating the two is perfect in my books.  So I always wanted to add a more artistic element to the look of my blog and i think a fashion illustration is the perfect choice. So the very talented Ramona not only did a piece for my blog  (all will be revealed down below)  she agreed to do an interview:

First off Ramona,  when did you start doing fashion illustrations and are you self taught?
 I’m 20 years old and I’m currently studying Biology and I am self taught. I have always loved drawing and have went through several kind of styles of art, for example I really liked to draw manga and sometimes I still do.
Ramona’s Self Potrait
how do you describe your style of illustrations?
My drawing style now I would describe as realistic but stylized in the way that I like to focus on certain details on the face, for example the eyes, lips, hair and leave the rest less detailed. Also I like to put accents with colours.
If you could collaborate with anyone who would it be?
 I’d like most to collaborate I don’t really know  vogue? I also really like the bloggers that I already drawn (beautycrush, gracie francesca, Jenn Im..) and some that I have in mind of drawing in the future would be Lua from, sara waiste or Jess from sunbeamsjess.
what are your favourite images to illustrate?
I like to draw people/things that I think are beautiful and pretty and have a strong expression. I try to create a stylish and sometimes I hope unexpected image.  I prefer to draw girls/women but mainly because I find men harder to draw, I’m not really sure why, but generally women are often aesthetically more elegant and pleasing (I don’t mean it in a way that men are ugly or anything!)
Who are your favourite  illustrators/artists?
I have a long list of favorite artists, I’ll just name a few: Granace Doré; Babs from, then more comic styled Steve Mannion, Frank Miller, and generally concept art for a lot of games which I find unbelievable impressive! And finally I looove the artwork of the great masters like Leonardo DaVinci, Salvador Dali ,Peter Paul Rubens, Caravaggio and others..
What is your  design process of creating an image?

 I use a tablet and photoshop, the wacom bamboo, which I can highly recommend to everyone who is looking to try out a tablet since its affordable and works very well 🙂

First I draw the face/body then add color/shading and finally eventual highlights and background.
In five years time i’d like to be___
Honestly I really have no Idea where I’ll be in five years time! I guess I still need to figure out a lot of things in life, but I’d sure like to travel a lot and see as much as I can of the world.
Any advice for people wanting to become fashion illustrators?
I’m not very good at giving advice, but I guess I’d say that it’s important to find a personal style and to draw a lot a lot a lot! Practice is really important as in everything. Specifically for fashion illustrations.I would also say that it helps if one is interested in it and enjoys playing with it visually.
 What is your favourite current fashion trend?
Currently I really like leather (not just currently, rather a staple)  fuzzy big sweaters, tartan print, platform boots, funny socks and I’m looking forward to wearing pastels in spring
How can people contact you??

Through my Email:
You can see more of Ramonas Work on her Tumblr Page:
And here is the finished image that Ramona Created for me:
I love it! What are your thoughts on Fashion illustrations?
Orla x

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