Alex and Ani Valentines Collection

Alex and Ani is a positive energy company that creates products of quality and beauty while promoting consciousness and unity. For Valentines day (which is less then a month away) they have included the following pieces into their collection the Love Birds :


unnamed (1)


which symbolise devotion, happiness and adoration, they are the ultimate in soul mates. Happy and devoted, these creatures grow together creating a life they can share.


unnamed (2)

unnamed (3)

Symbolising loyalty, destiny and eternity. Swans are graceful birds of strength and devotion. An endearing species, swans mate for life and journey forward together.

unnamed (4)

With Prices starting from €30/£24 and available form jewellers nationwide, I think its a great alternative to the usual bouquet of Roses and box of chocolates gift this Valentines Day.


Have you any Pieces from Alex and Ani?


Orla x




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