Valentino Rockstud Shoes Dupe

I feel like the Valentino Rockstud shoes have been having a fashion moment in the industry and rightly so in my opinion. They are to me the perfect mix between ladylike and edgy with the studding and three tier strap being the extra edge.

They have been seen on the soles of Olivia Palmero, Alexa Chung and the kardashian sisters to name just a few. I have found a great alternative pair of shoes which are inspired by the rockstud. They are from Ebay of course (link here)

I have had my pair for just over three months and I love them. The heel is low enough to wear during the day time and not hurt your feet for a couple of hours.  Although I have one fault with them. I had to resole my pair as they wore down extremely quickly.  I had a spare pair of replacement heel studs so it was no big deal. The shoes were shipped from China so it took about a month to get here but for the price I personally feel like it was definitely worth the wait. Other than that for the price and the quality of the shoe they are an absolute steal. Here are a few pictures below of me wearing them.

Orla Picture 34

Orla Picture 33

Orla Picture 32


Overall and would without a doubt recommend getting a pair of these shoes, although shipping takes a good while. For the price its definitely worth it in my opinion.

I’m thinking about making shoe reviews a regular feature on the blog. What do you think?  I would love your suggestions and views.

Orla x



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