River Island Cut out Ankle Boots Coltrane Dupes

After months of lusting after the Balenciaga cut out  boots sported by non other then fashion blogger  extraordinaire Leandra from the man repeller. I knew I had to have them but with such a hefty price tag it was Unrealistic. 

Jeffrey Campbell offered an alternative in the form of the Coltrane Boots. These boots were $185 from America and then customs on top off it they were still way too expensive.  I always feel like Ankle boots just don’t suit me and I couldn’t justify the purchase of such an expensive pair of shoes that I had a high probabilty of wearing very rarely.

 I had completely forgotten about the cut out boots. Until, I was casually browsing the River Island website and came across River Islands offering, unfortunately they were sold out of my size on the site. So I went into my local River Island and picked up a pair. 



I wore the boots last weekend, for the full weekend shopping in Dublin and to my surprise they are so comfortable and extremely versatile shoe.  I love the gold hardware detail of them especially.




I love to pair mine with different styles of socks from crazy patterns to frilly socks. Below are just a few examples of what I will be pairing my boots with. Image

Overall, if you want an alternative but still a high quality pair of cut out boots look no further then River Island. Would love to hear your thoughts on Cut out Boots. 

Orla x 


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