Smile like you Mean it


So another Outfit post. I wore this outfit last Saturday. First off this jumper is the newest addition to my Wardrobe its Wildfox inspired and I got it on ebay for an absolute steal (I will insert a link to the seller when I figure out how to do so bear with me guys). I love playful statement pieces and what is more iconic then a smiley face?


The skirt is a pleather pleated skirt from H&M. A leather skirt is a staple piece in my book and I love this one as it works for a relaxed day time look or can be worn as a night time look with a crop top and killer heels.


My shoes are Nike blazers and probably the most comfortable pair of shoes I own they are so battered because they are my go to shoe.


Now onto the bag, I love this Orla Kiely bag and have had it for four years now, I had completely forgotten I even owned it as it had been banished to the very back of my closet but has recently been rediscovered due to a closet clear-out. Its the classic pattern that Orla is known for the leaf stem. I love it for its colour green. Green isn’t a colour I wear very often so I like to incorporate it through my accessories. Hope you all had a relaxing bank holiday weekend.




Orla x







3 thoughts on “Smile like you Mean it

  1. Amelia Éclectique says:

    You look lovely Orla! I think I have the same skirt actually, it’s so versatile 😀 and that jumper is so Wildfox-reminiscent my gosh! Would love the link for that xD

    Brilliant post m’dear 🙂 Amelia xx

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