Racing Style Tips

Its Galway Race Week, which can only mean one thing- Fashion

So to kick of things on my Blog I have decided to dedicate my first post to all things racing. This year will be my third year going to the Races and it gets better every year. Not only does the fashion get more fierce but the atmosphere is electric. I am going to be taking some Street Style pictures to highlight the stunning looks and I can’t wait to share this with you all. So dust of those hats and break in those heels; here are just a few outfit ideas and tips I have for dressing for Ladies Day at the Galway Races.


First off and I think the most important aspect of a race goers outfit is hat/fascinator.

I personally prefer hats to fascinators, here are just a few hat ideas. You want something that will look good with your overall outfit but stand out. I think the key piece of your look should be your head piece



The shape of the dress is key, I would recommend keeping the dress a block colour, and more focused on the shape. Skater style dresses look great on all shapes and sizes. For the more body confident a body con dress with cap sleeves is also a great choice. If you’re going to go with a printed dress I would keep your head piece plain and vice versa. Vintage styles like a 1950’s swing dress always look great and are a classic race day look.




Ladies day is definitely not the day to break in a new pair of shoes or wear those killer 6 inch heels, they may look good now but after a few hours the pain will not be worth it. A modest heel and plenty of practice in them is the best and most comfortable option. You will be walking around all day at the races. I would recommend bringing a pair of flats with you. You will thank yourself when you are smugly walking from the races whilst other girls are tottering away like new born foals.


A pair of lace or crochet gloves is a elegant touch to an outfit and gives it a vintage feel. Jewellery wise? keep it to a minimum a classic set of diamond stud earrings and a delicate watch are a nice touch


Umbrellas deserved their own section they are without doubt the essential accessory to bring to the Races. We are in Galway so rain is a guaranteed occurrence.  Last year I brought an umbrella and felt stupid because it was such a nice day until it started heavily raining. I felt quite smug with my umbrella then. In Galway, there is always a rain shower around the corner and to protect yourself and your outfit trust me when I say that an Umbrella in Galway will be your new best friend and most prized possession at the Races. It can double up also as a parasol (if we get the weather for it) and protect you from the rays of the sun. Your Umbrella choice doesn’t have to be boring, below are just a few examples of stylish yet functional item.



An oversized clutch so you can keep all the essential or a double chain strap bag which can be worn three ways: long strap, double short strap, or tuck the straps into the bag to make it a clutch. I prefer this bag option as you can be hands free.


I would keep your outfit to three colours maximum. Just to keep things simple

Above all else, make sure you are comfortable and confident with your outfit and you are then guaranteed to have a great day at the Races,

Hope to see you there,



3 thoughts on “Racing Style Tips

  1. Vera McGrath says:

    Congrats on your first blog post! Content is very good. Only small criticism is to use actual items available in shops now as well as various mood boards. It will take time to shift thru’ websites and such to do so but will make your content stronger and your readership more likely to come back. And always credit people’s pics if you know where they’re from. Best of luck, looking forward to reading more, Vera x

    1. beyondthefashion says:

      Thanks so much Vera, Any criticism and comments are always welcome. I created the boards using polyvore but I couldnt sync the prices and availability when I tried importing the mood boards from the site then but im working on it! Hopefully next time it will work for me, great suggestions and I will definitely take it on board thank you for taking the time to read my blog! Orla x

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